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Savage Hunt

All dark magic has a price. And one day, the universe will come calling…


Fane and I are thrown into the Underworld’s most notorious prison, and the suffering inflicted by the supernatural guards is the least of my problems. A powerful inmate lusts for my destruction, and dark secrets surround the mysterious warden.


Princess Venna isn’t the only demon interested in discovering Ruin’s plans for the Infernal Sol. Instead of torment, the warden plays a different game to loosen my lips.


As we endure our sinister punishment in Heldrok, the amulet slowly steals my control, and not even Fane is safe from my brand of chaos.


I’m the wicked, depraved, and savage one now. And no one can stop me.


But when Fane is caught in a nightmarish fate, I’m reminded of the beast who longed to tear me to pieces. If I can’t free him, I’ll sacrifice everything to save him.

The sinister power in me will scream. The bond will break. And he’ll have his vengeance.

Death Kissed

Runaway witch Thorn Rosalee has a deadly power. And if she falls into the wrong hands, her soul will pay the ultimate price…

After the war among fae and witches, seventeen-year-old Thorn hides in the one place her coven will never find her. Enemy territory. But when the Unseelie King discovers her lethal secret, she’s forced to partner with his son to uncover the culprit behind Chicago’s newest serial killer.


Working with Caleb Blackwood turns into a daily battle of wills—one the prince plays dirty to win—and between bloodthirsty vampires, vicious shifters, and sinister demons, their search for answers only leads to more trouble.


Fae aren’t the only ones who notice the witch’s hidden talents. And before long, Thorn will have to face the monsters of her past to survive another day in Nightworld.

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JN Colon is a USA Today bestselling author of wicked & sinful urban fantasy romance

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