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Legacy of Sins Book Three

Past sins can never truly be forgotten…


My Nephilim soul mate is hanging with the dark side. My abilities are out of control. And Hell’s temptations lurk around every corner.

Why can’t someone else be the key to unleashing evil?

Learning I was Eve from the Garden of Eden is seriously screwing with my head. And someone keeps leaving out those tasty forbidden morsels. Would it really be that bad if I had just one little bite?

My visions couldn’t get any worse, right?

Despite the complications growing between us—including my past—the shmexy half-angel sharing my soul would do anything to save me from sin’s torment. But when Jayson searches Hell for a cure, the netherworld grabs hold of him.

And his shadows begin to emerge.

I ate the forbidden fruit. Again. Now my world is crumbling. I can’t stop Jayson from falling. And Astaroth is determined to free his evil siblings.

Brimstone is coming for Mystic Hollow. Hell is rising…


JN Colon is a USA Today bestselling author of young adult and new adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Romance with a touch of horror!

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