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Your Free Book is Waiting

Witch tracker Gemma Grail has never failed to hunt down a mark. And her most recent assignment won’t change that… even if it kills her.


The infamous eighteen-year-old venator accepts a job to find a missing grimoire and travels to Chicago, thinking it will be a simple search and seize mission. But the supernatural creatures of Nightworld have other plans.


A persistent and charming shifter offers his help, and he proves to be quite the distraction. After barely escaping a deadly trap alive, the pair discovers they aren’t the only ones searching for the book. Someone else covets the dark spells.


If Gemma wants to stop a disaster from jeopardizing Nightworld, she’ll have to risk losing everything she’s ever known.  One wrong move and she could fall prey to the vampires, demons, shifters, and fae living on the dark side.

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