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Nightworld: Court of Magic


Book One

Runaway witch Thorn Rosalee has a deadly power. And if she falls into the wrong hands, her soul will pay the ultimate price…

After the war among fae and witches, seventeen-year-old Thorn hides in the one place her coven will never find her. Enemy territory. But when the Unseelie King discovers her lethal secret, she’s forced to partner with his son to uncover the culprit behind Chicago’s newest serial killer.

Working with Caleb Blackwood turns into a daily battle of wills—one the prince plays dirty to win—and between bloodthirsty vampires, vicious shifters, and sinister demons, their search for answers only leads to more trouble.

Fae aren’t the only ones who notice the witch’s hidden talents. And before long, Thorn will have to face the monsters of her past to survive another day in Nightworld.

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Standalone Novella

Witch tracker Gemma Grail has never failed to hunt down a mark. And her most recent assignment won’t change that… even if it kills her.


The infamous eighteen-year-old venator accepts a job to find a missing grimoire and travels to Chicago, thinking it will be a simple search and seize mission. But the supernatural creatures of Nightworld have other plans.


A persistent and charming shifter offers his help, and he proves to be quite the distraction. After barely escaping a deadly trap alive, the pair discovers they aren’t the only ones searching for the book. Someone else covets the dark spells.


If Gemma wants to stop a disaster from jeopardizing Nightworld, she’ll have to risk losing everything she’s ever known.  One wrong move and she could fall prey to the vampires, demons, shifters, and fae living on the dark side.

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Book Two

Thorn is paying a hefty price for saving Nightworld. Not only has the darkness come calling, but so has her coven…

After catching the attention of witch trackers, Thorn brokers a deal with the devil again and is thrown into another supernatural investigation with the irresistible—and infuriating—fae prince. Dead bodies are turning up at Shade, and there’s no doubt that vampires are responsible. But Vampire King Hugo is making more than a play for territory this time.

While a new danger lurks in Chicago, the shadows creeping through Thorn grow stronger. The more she uses her death powers, the deeper she sinks into madness. As secrets and betrayal threaten to tear the partners apart, Caleb and Thorn are left at the mercy of enemies.

If she can’t regain control of the death raker, not only will Thorn’s soul be forfeit, but Nightworld could become a true hell on Earth.

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Book Three

The past can do more than haunt… 

Now that Thorn is under royal fae protection, Caleb has made it his duty to keep her death raker powers from thrusting her to the dark side—whether she wants him to or not. But the more time they spend together, the hotter the fire grows between them. And neither one of them is prepared for the inevitable explosion.

When their search for the relics leads them to the grand witch’s most sinister secret, Thorn is forced to do the one thing she swore she never would. 

Return to Illyria.

Even if she manages to dodge her coven’s lethal claws, the damage is already done, and no one, least of all the fae prince, will escape the consequences of Ellexia’s nefarious plan.

As the partners collide with things long thought dead and buried, Thorn must untangle a web of deceit before she dooms herself and all of Nightworld to a fate worse than death.



Book Four

Once evil claims a soul, there’s no returning to the light.

With the help of a few surprising allies, Thorn and Caleb survive the battle against the grand witch in Illyria and return with more than another relic. They’ve been bound by powerful magic, and as a fae prince and a death raker witch, they make a lethal combination.


But before they can continue their mission for the last mystical artifact, a new adversary emerges, putting every supernatural creature in danger. Just as Thorn discovers the key to saving the city, a brutal tragedy strikes the partners, and they may never recover.


Enemies are closing in, and the final fight to save Nightworld from falling under a tyrannical rule approaches. Thorn has to make a choice. Be a hero. Or be a villain.


Either way, death is coming for someone…

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