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A Secret Salem Novel 1

Begin the paranormal romance series with murder, paranoia, mystery, and a treacherous web of deadly secrets.

Rubi McHale had a safe, boring life until a spot opened up for her at Highland Academy in Salem, Massachusetts. The teachers are callous, the students are cruel, and the entire campus is steeped in a dark, spine-chilling atmosphere. 

McCollum Davenport is the clear leader of the unnaturally beautiful elite who are hiding something Rubi can’t quite figure out. He’s also utterly drool worthy with wild midnight hair, piercing jade eyes, and a devil-may-care smile.

While trying to fit in, discover their secret, and sustain from attacking McCollum with her lips, Rubi finds herself in the middle of murder, obsession, and the supernatural. The closer she gets to revealing what’s really going on at Highland Academy the closer she gets to certain death—but at the hands of who or what?


A Secret Salem Novel 2

Vicious murders, forbidden kisses, and supernatural enemies... Return to paranormal romance and mystery with teenage vampire royalty in the macabre world of Highland Academy.

This time the secrets are more than just deadly. They’re beyond the grave.

Rubi McHale is back at Highland Academy—fog, gargoyles, and creepiness still reign—with her mouthwatering boyfriend Mac Davenport. While they have a hard time keeping their hands off of each other, hormones and bloodlust aren’t their only problems. 

Animal attacks, missing vampires, new otherworldly students, and merciless hunters cause major turmoil for the royal couple. Oh, and not to mention nightmares starring a very dead and very angry Madison with cryptic messages warning Rubi something is coming.

Will Rubi be able to decipher the dangerous secrets at Highland before the enemy sinks their claws into her? Or will Mac lose his royal mate so soon after they were reunited? 



A Secret Salem Novel 3

Vampires, shifters, bloodlust, and murder… Continue the dark romance between the royal vampire couple in the young adult paranormal series. 

She’s keeping all the secrets to herself and this time it might just be her undoing. 

Rubi is sent to yet another creep-tastic boarding school where the antebellum south lingers like ghostly apparitions—or those might be real ghosts she’s seeing. Fortunately her delicious vampire boyfriend, Mac Davenport, is by her side as is the darkly charming Russian shifter Demy Dragoniv. Unfortunately Rubi is craving blood and guess who she’s dreaming about sinking her teeth into? 

New vampire and shifter students form the populace at Mossgrove Academy and not all are Rubi’s biggest fans, especially one southern bell shifter who has her eyes set on Mac Dav. Of course Rubi finds she has bigger problems than bloodlust and jealousy. She’s hearing mysterious whispers, seeing inexplicable shadows, and having violent nightmares about murder. 

Beyond Mossgrove Academy’s supernatural safety, a deadly conspiracy lurks, threatening the royal vampire couple and their shifter allies. Secrets are slowly revealed to Rubi, but when someone close is taken, will she be able to uncover the deadly plot in time to save her loved one? Or will half her friends suffer the wrath of a familiar enemy? 


A Secret Salem Novel 4

Conspiracy, murder, love, and war. It’s the final battle in the dark paranormal romance with the royal vampire couple. Can their love really survive the ultimate test?

Rubi and Mac have faced their share of enemies and they’ve always managed to come out winners. Until now. 

The hunters have the supernatural world in terror now that their poison has been completed and when tragedy shakes Whitmore’s kingdom Rubi is left with all eyes on her and her royal title. Just when she thinks things couldn’t get worse, three vengeful ghosts begin to haunt her. But they aren’t the only ones putting her through hell. Those closest to her deliver Rubi the worst kind of torment—a torture she may never recover from. 

When the hunters zero in on the royal family an all-out battle ensues on the grounds of Highland Academy—where it all began. Enemies become allies and those who were trusted show their true colors. 

Will Rubi be able to regain the life she once had before the hunters kill her? Or will she lose the most important fight of her life, forfeiting not only the crown but also Mac in the process? 

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