Wayward Fae Paranormal Prison


Wayward Fae Paranormal Prison Book One

Fae freak. Killer. Abomination.
I’ve been accused of terrible crimes.
And I’m far from innocent.

My uncontrollable powers earned me a cell in Wayward Fae Penitentiary where the inmates have it out for me and the guards turn a blind eye to every bit of violence. I’m here for one reason only, and that’s to assassinate the ruthless unseelie prince.

Viktor claims he’s going to break me, make me wish I never set foot in his prison. If that were true, why does he keep saving me from the dangerous alpha shifter salivating for my blood?

W.F.P. is not your average lockup. The prince has more authority than the warden, creatures roam the halls at night, and a war between unseelies and shifters is brewing. 

When I’m viciously attacked, Viktor brings me back from the brink of death, but no one could have foreseen the consequences. How could I go through with my mission now?

If I kill him, I’ll become the monster everyone thinks I am.

If I don’t, innocent blood will spill. 


Wayward Fae Paranormal Prison Book Two

No one said being a magical assassin was easy…

I had one job in Wayward Fae Penitentiary. Kill the merciless unseelie prince. Instead, we’ve been bound by blood, and there’s no escaping him. Not even when he promises to make me suffer.

His torment doesn’t go as planned when the dochar alpha in the Otherworld seeks revenge, but I’m not so sure my death will satisfy the shifter’s thirst. And now that the Fae realm knows of my existence, others will come to stake their claim.

It’s not my blood they want, though. They’d rather enslave me.

As chaos descends on W.F.P., the Fae queen pushes me over the edge, and I fall into enemy hands.

Not even Viktor can save me now.

Everyone wants the throne. And if I don’t forgive myself and embrace my powers, they’re going to use me as a weapon to wage war.

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