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An Urban Fantasy full of action & secrets

I read book two of The Hybrid Trilogy and I loved it even more than the first! It's a must read with all sorts of supernatural creatures. Check out my review below:

Amazing follow up to the first in the Hybrid Series! I loved Magic Bound and the second book did not disappoint. Book one left us with a huge cliffhanger, which I actually liked. Because of Damian, Aria is something most of the world thought couldn’t exist, and she’s in even more danger than before.

Action jumps on every page, and the plot twists made it impossible to put down. There’s one HUGE surprise I wasn’t expecting going into this series (it has to do with Aria’s family) and I absolutely love it! As the story progresses, the tension between Aria and Damian magnifies even though she’s dating Nico (I still love Nico, but I’m team Damian). An unexpected guest appears (literally) at the end, and I’ve got a feeling some major trouble is coming. I’m already counting down the days until book three comes out!


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