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Legacy of Sins


Legacy of Sins Book 1

Dark. Wicked. Romantic.

I’m Lena Raven, and I have a secret. A demon killed me. And an angel brought me back to life. But it wasn’t without consequences…

I had a normal existence until my dad decided to uproot us and move to Podunk town, USA, population: one thousand. I expected to be bored to tears. What I didn’t expect was my shmexy neighbor or the supernatural freak show unfolding in Mystic Hollow.

The name should have tipped me off, right?

Jayson Casteel is infuriating, arrogant, and bossy. It wasn’t love at first sight. I can’t stand him. And I’m determined to find out what he’s hiding.

Too bad that curiosity got me killed. Now Hell is coming for me, and Jayson is my only chance of escaping a destiny of fire and brimstone.

But he’ll have to face a powerful demon and an ancient fallen angel to save my soul.

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Haunted Games and Brimstone_final.png
Legacy of Sins Novella

An evil spirit is stalking me. A mysterious guy with a wicked Irish accent wants my heart. And there’s a cage in Hell waiting to trap my soul.


Welcome to my summer vacation in Mystic Hollow…


I’m Cass—not Cassie or Cassandra—and I knew spending two months in some crap town with no friends was going to be torture. And I was right. Literally. Being haunted by a vengeful ghost is serious torment.


Only, this chick is no ghost. She’s much worse.


And Seth McKenna is more trouble than I can handle.


I want nothing to do with the ridiculously hot half-angel. But when I’m nearly killed, Seth decides to become my bodyguard. And I’m finding it difficult to keep my hands to myself.


Now my soul isn’t the only thing on the line. Seth could very well shatter my heart while saving me from an eternity of torment in Hell.

A Standalone Novella
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Legacy of Sins Book 2

Once heard, some revelations can’t be forgotten…

A demonic target is painted on my back. My soul is tied to the most arrogant angel I’d ever met. And I might be going crazy.

Life after death sucks. 

The gateway to Hell in Mystic Hollow is wide open, and a dangerous fallen angel is after me. But so far, all Astaroth has done is save me from demons.

Weird, right?

My relationship with Jayson Casteel is even weirder. The half-angel is overbearing and domineering. And stupid hot. We’re either fighting or caught in a sizzling lip-lock. Things are getting pretty steamy…

When I start having dark visions of torment and pain, Jayson is the only person keeping me from slipping into insanity. But we both have secrets, ones the Fallen can use to tear us apart. 

Hell has its claws in me, and I’m not sure anyone can save me from the evil coming my way.

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Legacy of Sins Book 3

Past sins can never truly be forgotten…

My Nephilim soul mate is hanging with the dark side. My abilities are out of control. And Hell’s temptations lurk around every corner.

Why can’t someone else be the key to unleashing evil?

Learning I was Eve from the Garden of Eden is seriously screwing with my head. And someone keeps leaving out those tasty forbidden morsels. Would it really be that bad if I had just one little bite?

My visions couldn’t get any worse, right?

Despite the complications growing between us—including my past—the shmexy half-angel sharing my soul would do anything to save me from sin’s torment. But when Jayson searches Hell for a cure, the netherworld grabs ahold of him.

And his shadows begin to emerge.

I ate the forbidden fruit. Again. Now my world is crumbling. I can’t stop Jayson from falling. And Astaroth is determined to free his evil siblings.

Brimstone is coming for Mystic Hollow. Hell is rising…

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Legacy of Sins Book 4

Temptation lurks around every corner…

I’ve been branded by Hell. The Fallen want their freedom. And my powers have taken a dark and sinful turn.


How will I ever survive the coming evil?


Shadow Nephil have descended on Mystic Hollow. To make matters worse, their leader can control me with the snap of his fingers. Colton Fox is determined to bring out my inner hellion.


But my shmexy half-angel soul mate isn’t giving up without a fight. Jayson will do anything in his power to keep me from Hell’s grasp. Too bad that’s not our only problem.


If Astaroth unites all thirty-three totems, consequences of apocalyptic proportions will rain down on Earth. My world could shatter at any moment.


Something wicked is beginning to stir. Brimstone is going to fall. And it just so happens I might be the one that unleashes the darkness. The battle is coming…

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Legacy of Sins Book 5

Brimstone is falling…

Hell has staked its claim on me. My dark, seductive powers won’t be ignored. And a new kind of evil has arrived…

Thanks to one douche canoe fallen angel, the end of the world has descended upon Mystic Hollow. Apocalyptic signs are popping up everywhere while something is stealing the life right out of the townsfolk. And I’m beginning to like my powers—maybe a little too much.

With a new menace unleashed from Hell and my sinister fate looming on the horizon, Jayson’s more determined than ever to protect me. But someone has to pay for these sins.

As freedom for the fallen grows near and Astaroth vows his revenge, we turn to enemies for help. In our darkest hour, Jayson and I are forced to confront our own demons before we’re ripped apart again and Hell rises on Earth.

The end isn’t coming. It’s here. And a sacrifice must be made.


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