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Hidden Conduit Series


 Hidden Conduit Series
 Prequel Novella

Once he brings her into the darkness, there's no going back.


Etie Benoit isn't your average voodoo caster. Others want to use him, and his powers want to control him.


After years of fighting the balance of light and dark, he stumbles upon a mystical object that might just be the key to breaking his voodoo curse. But the shy, mysterious girl he's always had his eye on is somehow connected to it. And he wants more than help from her.


Will Etie remain tied to his powers to keep her safe, or will he involve her in voodoo, in danger, to find the answers he's so desperate for?


**This is a prequel novella. It ends in a cliffhanger that leads to book one of the series**

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 Hidden Conduit Series 
Book One

Never make a deal with a dark deity.


Evangeline's eighteenth birthday is looming in the distance, the day the voodoo king will demand his price. 


Her soul.


The only person in her small town of Carrefour, Louisiana that can help is as infuriating as he is sinfully hot. Étienne Benoit is not only a mysterious Cajun living deep in the swamp, but he's also rumored to know a thing or two about voodoo.


As the two race against the clock to save Evangeline's soul while trying not to strangle each other, they unlock a powerful magic that has been buried for generations.  And the voodoo king isn't playing by the rules of balance anymore.


Will Étienne be able to face his own darkness and save Evangeline's soul before she turns eighteen?  Or will she be claimed by the voodoo king for eternity?


 Hidden Conduit Series
Book Two

The voodoo king isn't the only one after her now.


When Étienne saved Evangeline from Baron Samedi by binding their souls, neither of them considered the consequences. Now there’s enough power between the two to rattle the entire magical world.

Controlling her magic isn’t Evangeline’s only problem. The Cajun Casanova thinks he owns her. To make matters worse, they can’t even stand to be apart for more than a few hours. And when Lucas, a young male witch, shows up, Étienne’s darker side begins to rise.

Before long, it threatens to drown the light… 

As more lies unravel, leaving Evangeline at her most vulnerable, enemies descend. If Étienne doesn't reach her in time, a fate worse than Baron Samedi awaits her.

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 Hidden Conduit Series
Book Three

Evangeline made another deal with the voodoo king. And there’s no getting out of it this time.


Baron Samedi wants Angel’s soul, and he’s using her sister to get it. With a countdown clock hanging over her head, Etie will stop at nothing to defeat the dark deity once and for all. But messing with voodoo’s scales of light and dark could have consequences no one is prepared to face.


And other witches are beginning to feel the conduit’s power. They want her. No matter the cost.


With voodoo’s Festival of the Dead fast approaching, the day Baron Samedi demands a choice, Angel and Etie search for answers among enemies.


But who can they really trust? And who’s lying in the shadows, waiting to attack when they least expect it?

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The Complete Series

Includes all three books in the Hidden Conduit Series and is over 800 pages of supernatural adventure, magic, romance, and twists that will keep you up all night reading.

The voodoo king wants her soul. The witches want her powers. And Étienne wants her heart. Who will win? Discover how one rash decision leads Angel De la Mora into the mysterious world of voodoo and magic. And this is one world she’ll never leave—even if she wants to.

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