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An evil spirit is stalking me. A mysterious guy with a wicked Irish accent wants my heart. And there’s a cage in Hell waiting to trap my soul.


Welcome to my summer vacation in Mystic Hollow…


I’m Cass—not Cassie or Cassandra—and I knew spending two months in some crap town with no friends was going to be torture. And I was right. Literally. Being haunted by a vengeful ghost is serious torment.


Only, this chick is no ghost. She’s much worse.


And Seth McKenna is more trouble than I can handle.


I want nothing to do with the ridiculously hot half-angel. But when I’m nearly killed, Seth decides to become my bodyguard. And I’m finding it difficult to keep my hands to myself.


Now my soul isn’t the only thing on the line. Seth could very well shatter my heart while saving me from an eternity of torment in Hell.

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