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A Divine Darkness Novel 1

A dark romance with an even darker Greek god whose fiery temper rivals his sudden obsession of one hauntingly beautiful girl.

Seventeen year old Hartley Walker has returned from a brush with death and no one is able to melt the ice from her insides… except the sinfully gorgeous god of the hottest place in the universe.

Hayden—Hades and hated god of the Underworld—didn’t expect to fall for a mysterious beauty full of secrets when he came to capture the dark, treacherous souls stolen from his domain.

Because of his former and infamous attempt at love and her slipping grip on life before death Hayden and Hartley deny the sparking chemistry between them. But when he realizes Hartley’s secrets are darker than he thought and evil souls are drawn to her like a beacon he vows to protect her—even if it means risking their hearts.

Just when they think they have it all figured out fate deals them a blow that might set them both ablaze in Underworld fire forever.


A Divine Darkness Novel 2

Two rival Greek gods. One beautiful girl. A dark secret neither brother is prepared for.

Hayden and Hartley thought their lives would be easy now without the threat of Hercules, Persephone, and the dark souls—well as easy as possible with Hartley’s irrevocable chain to the Underworld.

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Darkness is unleashed by Ares, god of war, threatening Hartley and her friends again. Hayden’s brother comes to the rescue, but he seems more interested in getting close to his girlfriend. While they try to uncover Ares’ devious plot for power they end up revealing a lot more about Hartley than she ever expected.


Fire and lightning fly among the two brothers and things heat up between Hartley and Hayden’s relationship. But the more time she spends in the Underworld the more her darker side emerges.


In the end will Hayden be prepared for the truth about Hartley? Or will it rip them apart forever?


A Divine Darkness Novel 3

What if Hartley Walker never died? Would she have fallen in love with the god of the Underworld? Would they have even met?

Zeus doesn’t think so…

After Hecate, goddess of witchcraft, casts an insidious spell Zeke King comes to Northwood and catches Hartley’s eye. A romance quickly buds between them, so strong she’s convinced he’s the one. And then his sinfully hot bad boy brother arrives. Sparks ignite between Hartley and the dark god—the volatile, explosive kind. 

Hartley thinks Hayden’s an arrogant jerk while he thinks she’s a vapid princess. But the one thing they agree on and refuse to admit is they are madly, inexplicably attracted to each other. And they both quickly come to the same conclusion—something sinister is at play and Zeke may have something to do with it.

The closer she gets to the brothers the more she realizes they aren’t human and neither is she. Will Hartley be able to shatter this spell and return to the world she’s forgotten? Or will this dark prophecy be fulfilled? 


A Divine Darkness Novel 4

What happens to the Underworld if Hayden is no longer its god?

An old enemy of Zeke’s returns, threatening not only Hayden and Hartley’s relationship, but the very existence of the Underworld. When Hayden can’t protect her, Hartley is forced to put her trust in the last place she ever expected and do the unthinkable. Secrets are revealed, hearts are broken, and lives are turned upside down in this final installment of the Divine Darkness series. 

Will Hartley be able to harness the darkness within and become the dark goddess? Or will the Underworld fall apart—taking Hayden along with it? 

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