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A new paranormal romance/ urban fantasy coming your way!

As promised, this is my book included in the Sigils and Spells collection.

Would you trade your soul to the voodoo king to save someone you loved?

Evangeline Rosario’s eighteenth birthday is looming in the distance, the day the voodoo king will demand his price.

Her soul.

The only person in her small town of Carrefour, Louisiana that can help is as infuriating as he is sinfully hot. Étienne Benoit is not only a mysterious Cajun living deep in the swamp, but he's also rumored to know a thing or two about voodoo.

As the two race against the clock to save Evangeline's soul while trying not to strangle each other, they unlock a powerful magic that has been buried for generations. And the voodoo king isn't playing by the rules of balance anymore.

Will Étienne be able to face his own darkness and save Evangeline's soul before she turns eighteen? Or will she be claimed by the voodoo king for eternity?

***Make sure you stick around for some sneak peeks and more news on the awesome collection I'm apart of. Don't forget to pre-order your copy!***


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